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February 28, 2008


Father Brian

I can vouch for PlusNet, having switched to them a couple of years ago in desperation at the service I was receiving from Pipex.

PlusNet are disarmingly honest when there is a problem with their service availability and post regular updates to keep their customers informed.

Few seem to have heard of PlusNet and this is a first-class example of the law of inverse effectiveness.

Everyone's heard of Orange, Talk-Talk and Sky from their constant television advertising.

People not unexpectedly assume that a big-name provider will deliver good service.

Unfortunately the bigger they come, the worse they get!

Regrettably, most people new to the internet don't take advice and just sign up with a well-known name.

People assume (always a dangerous thing to do) that heavily advertised means reputable but it's usually the reverse.

That's why Sky, Talk-Talk etc. spend so much on advertising and so little on customer service.

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