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March 11, 2009


Father Brian

My current and previous desktop PCs have been HP and I've been pleased with them, that is until my current PC started inexplicably turning itself off without warning.

My technical knowledge is rather rusty so I asked my techie son-in-law to help me. He found the power-saving settings with some rather odd values, set them all for "never" and said "give it a try".

It worked fine for 36 hours. I turned it off last night and rebooted this morning when it ran for 6 minutes before switching off! I emailed H-P technical support and, to be fair, they responded with a procedure that appeared to work for a while. I became suspicious when I found I had to jolt the case after pressing the "on" button! The latest email from technical support tells me it's a hardware fault (surprise, surprise) and to expect communication from their regional office.

At least they're addressing the problem but I get the feeling HP kit isn't what it was.

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