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May 21, 2009


Father Brian

It's amazing that people who'd never dream of passing on a chain letter will do the same thing on email. Perhaps it's because they don't have to buy stamps and walk to the post-box.

My wife's cousin's wife (work that one out) regularly forwards chain emails drawing attention to all manner of injustices around the world. A year ago many of them concerned Madeleine McCann. Recently some have highlighted (if that were necessary) the disgraceful treatment of Gurkha veterans by Gordon Brown's government.

There's nothing like a missing child or sick animal to tug at the heart-strings. I'm sure she genuinely believes she's assisting the cause but the likely outcome is nothing more than email address list-building.

I added her email address to my Outlook Blocked Senders list but they keep appearing in my Inbox. Have I inadvertently found a program bug? Or is it a Microsoft feature?

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