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September 16, 2009


George Tagher

Dear Les,
Once again your comment on computer developments are most useful.
I agree with you there is no need to rush and upgrade with Window 7.
Let the new system settle and then it may be worth adding it.

Eugene Sullivan

Hi Les
Your common sense, no nonsense approach is what the average guy like myself needs to make an informed decision

Bob T

Hello Les, I am a Linux man and use it on all the PCs in the house. I have a dual boot with XP on one of them that I use for video editing. I acquired a new hard disk and put Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on it. So far I would say it is as good as XP but will not change my from Linux 64 bit as my main OS.
Windows 7 seems to be more user friendly than Vista was.

Les King

Hi Bob

Thanks for your comment.

It’s good to hear from people with ‘live’ experience of Windows 7 as the product matures.

I must say that the changes (from Vista) seem largely cosmetic to me so I wouldn’t bother to upgrade an existing PC.

Most users of Linux (and other Unix variants) find it more-efficient than Windows in the same way that most MAC users are impressed with their ease-of-use.

Sadly, most people use some version of Windows with MS-Office so that’s usually the best choice for non-technical business users.

Even the original Microsoft MS-DOS wasn’t as good as some of the alternatives but they somehow managed to dominate the marketplace.



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